Wafer Silent Check Valve

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1. Working pressure: 1.0/1.6Mpa
2. Working temperature: NBR: 0℃~+80℃ EPDM: -10℃~+120℃
3. Flange according to ANSI 125/150
4. Face to face: ANSI 125/150
5. Testing: API598
6. Medium: Fresh Water, Sea water, all kinds of oil, acid, alkaline liquid etc.

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The silent check valves with a cast iron body, use a fully automatic spring assisted discs to eliminate water hammer while preventing flow reversal in the piping. The spring closure acts faster than that swing check valves, which can slam shut with the flow reversal.

The wafer type body design is compact, versatile, and fits inside of the bolting in a flanged connection. For 2″ to 10″ diameters, the 125# wafer design allows for mating to either 125# or 250# flanges. For 8″ to 10″ diameters, a 250# wafer design is also available for mating to 250# flanges. Also available with grooved end adapters.

  • It is recommended that valves be installed 7 to 10 pipe lengths away from the turbulence.
  • *12” size has special full lug pattern.
  • Consult factory for optional construction materials and installation instructions. Optional resilient seating of NBR or EPDM available for 6” size and larger.

Note: Manufacturer reserves the right to modify dimensions, materials, or design. Consult factory for certification.

We preserve enhancing and perfecting our goods and service. At the same time, we operate actively to do research and growth for Wafer Silent Check Valve. You will be most welcome to come to China, to our city and to our manufacturing facility! Our company will continue to adhere to the “superior quality, reputable, the user first ” principle wholeheartedly, warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and give guidance, work together and create a brilliant future!

Product parameter

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NO. Part Material
1 Body GG25/GGG40
2 Guide SS304/SS316
3 Disc SS304/SS316
4 O-ring NBR/EPDM
5 Seat ring NBR/EPDM
6 Bolts SS304/SS316
7 Sleeve SS304/SS316
8 Spring SS304/SS316
DN(mm) 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300
L (mm) 67 73 79 102 117 140 165 210 286
ΦD(mm) 59 80 84 112 130 164 216 250 300
ΦB (mm) 108 127 146 174 213 248 340 406 482

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