Customer Case

Silent Check Valves were exported to Italy since 2005

The customer is a well-known valve brand in Italy, they are our long-term cooperation for more than ten years old customers, have been continuously and steadily purchasing our silent check valves and other check valves, among which the number of flange silent check valves ordered is the most.
Customer feedback: "The quality of your check valves is very good, especially the delivery time is very matching our requirements. Our customers are very satisfied. I am very satisfied with your service and hope that you can expand your product range to meet our more valve requirements in the future.Thank you."

Customer Case2

Dual Plate Check Valves were exported to the Spain since 2006

The customer is from Spain, a famous local brand dealer, we met in the exhibition.They are our long-term customers who have been purchasing our dual plate check valves.
Customer feedback: "The quality of your dual plate check valves has always been excellent, with high quality assurance and ideal delivery times.Thank you"

Customer Case4

Ball Check Valves were exported to the Netherlands from 2007 to the present

The customer is a famous valve brand in the Netherlands. We met at the Amsterdam Fair. They have been our long-term customers for more than 10 years, and have been continuously and steadily purchasing our ball check valves and other check valves.
In the early years, there was little domestic production of ball check valves. Our factory produced them very early.
Customer feedback: "Your ball check valve is very good, good quality assurance, delivery time is also within our ideal range. Looking forward to further cooperation and development in the future."

Customer Case3

Diaphragm Valves have been exported to Africa from 2008 to now

The customer is from Africa and is responsible for the mining project. They are our regular customers who have been cooperating with us for more than ten years. They have been continuously and steadily purchasing our diaphragm valves.
Customer feedback: "Your diaphragm valves have always been of good quality and are fully suitable for our mining operations. I am very happy with your service. We hope to continue our good cooperation in the future."

Customer Case1

Butterfly Valves were exported to the Philippines in July 2020

The client was from the Philippines and she had just started retail. She is going to purchase a small batch of butterfly valves and put them on the market for market development. In terms of price, we have given our customers a lot of support and she is very grateful to us.
Customer feedback:
"The butterfly valves are in good condition and the quality is good. Thank you. I'm still introducing it to the market. As there's a lot of cheaper valves. But quality wise. Your valves are better than theirs. Expect big orders in the future."

Customer Case6

Gate valves were exported to Malaysia in May 2017

The customer is a local distributor from Malaysia, and there are two companies in operation. In 2017, they undertook a gate valve engineering project. The customer searched our Laizhou Dongsheng Valve Co., LTD through the website. Due to the large quantity and variety of specifications, the negotiation went on for a long time, but we finally reached a good cooperation with the customer by virtue of professionalism and high quality.
Customer evaluation:
"DSV gate valves are of good quality, professional business and delivery time matching. The after-sales service is also very satisfactory to both us and our customers. We look forward to cooperating with other gate valve projects in the future."

Customer Case9