The characteristics and working principle of butterfly check valve

Butterfly check valve is also called butterfly check valve. HH77X butterfly check valve is an automatic valve that works according to the flow state of the medium in the pipeline. It can effectively prevent the pipeline medium from flowing back and prevent the pumps and pumps of hydroelectric equipment. Phenomena such as reverse rotation of the motor.

The working principle of butterfly check valve

When there is no fluid flowing through the pipeline, the valve plate is closed by the force of the spring; when the fluid in the pipeline flows to the valve in the set flow direction, the flow force of the fluid will push the valve plate open. At this time, the valve plate opens, the fluid circulates normally; when the fluid in the pipeline returns, the returned fluid produces a reaction force to back-squeeze the valve plate on the sealing surface, and close the valve to prevent the fluid from returning.

The butterfly check valve can only be installed horizontally in the pipeline, and the installation direction must be consistent with the flow direction of the pipeline medium, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the check valve.

HH77X butterfly check valve structure diagram


HH77X butterfly check valve characteristics

1. Reasonable design and arrangement of parts and components, so that the HH77X butterfly check valve has accurate anti-backflow performance, good non-return effect, almost not affected by the environment outside the pipeline, and stable operation.

2. When opening and closing, the valve plate has a short moving track, rapid opening and closing, and less water hammer.

3. The innovative design concept of multiple narrow bands is adopted to connect the valve seat and body through vulcanization to a large extent to ensure the high sealing level of the valve, and zero leakage can be achieved under certain conditions.

4. The flat-shaped valve body has a short length and can be installed in a narrow space between the pipes, making it easy to install.


The butterfly check valve is available in a variety of material models. When needed, different material models can be selected according to different pipeline media. The HH77X butterfly check valve has a wide range of applications.

Post time: Nov-19-2021