Structural features of ball check valve

The ball check valve is also called the ball sewage check valve. The valve body is made of nodular cast iron. The paint surface of the valve body is made of non-toxic epoxy paint after high temperature baking. The paint surface is flat, smooth and bright in color. The rubber-covered metal rolling ball is used as the valve disc. Under the action of the medium, it can roll up and down on the slideway in the valve body to open or close the valve. It has good sealing performance, silencing closure, and no water hammer. The water flow channel of the valve body has small resistance, large flow, and 50% less head loss than the screw-up type. It can be installed horizontally and vertically. Its function is to prevent the medium in the pipeline from flowing back.

The valve body of the spherical sewage check valve adopts a full-channel structure, which has the advantages of large flow and low resistance. The valve disc is a round ball, suitable for high-viscosity, suspended solids industrial and domestic sewage pipe network. It is a special check valve for sewage treatment plants, industrial sewage, and domestic sewage pipes. It is very suitable for submersible sewage pumps.

According to the different connection, ball check valve is divided into flanged ball check valve and threaded ball check valve.

1. Main technical parameters

Nominal pressure PN1.0MPa~1.6MPa, Class125/150;

Nominal diameter DN40~400mm, BSP/BSPT 1″~3″;

Working temperature 0~80℃

2. Structural features

1. The structure length is short, and its structure length is only 1/4~1/8 of the traditional flange check valve

2. Small size, light weight, and its weight is only 1/4~1/20 of the traditional micro-resistance slow-closing check valve

3. The valve flap closes quickly and the water hammer pressure is small

4. Both horizontal and vertical pipes can be used, easy to install

5. The flow channel is unobstructed and the fluid resistance is small

6. Sensitive action and good sealing performance

7. The disc stroke is short, and the valve closing impact is small

8. The overall structure, simple and compact, beautiful appearance

9. Long service life and high reliability

Post time: Jan-25-2022