How to choose stainless steel wafer check valve?

Stainless steel wafer check valve is an automatic valve with many models and specifications. This type of product is mainly used to prevent the backflow of the medium, the reverse rotation of the pump and its driving motor, and the discharge of the medium in the container. It can be applied to various on the medium line. So how do we choose a stainless steel wafer check valve? What should be paid attention to?

1. It is generally recommended that users choose metal hard-sealed wafer check valves to ensure that wafer check valves have a longer service life, higher operating temperature, and the same good sealing performance.

2. If the nominal size is greater than or equal to DN100 (NPS4), it is advisable to select the H76 type double disc swing wafer check valve, which can effectively reduce the loss of fluid resistance of the check valve; the nominal size is less than or equal to DN80 (NPS3), and the selection H71 type lift check valve is suitable.

3. The H71 lift type wafer check valve with a nominal size less than or equal to DN100 (NPS) is generally not produced due to its compact structure and considering the processing and manufacturing process. It is recommended that users choose stainless steel lift type wafer check valves. valve.

4. In addition to the wafer type, the stainless steel double disc swing check valve also has lug type and flange type. If the user has no special requirements, the structural form is generally manufactured by our company according to conventional standards. Some double disc swing check valves can be designed with double flange structure (type H46).

5. The lug flange of the lug double flap swing check valve only plays the role of positioning, and the lug does not bear the bolt force, so the thickness of the lug flange is not designed according to the thickness of the standard flange, usually the lug flange The thickness is less than that of standard flanges. The flange of the double flange connection double disc swing check valve bears the bolt force, and the flange thickness is designed according to the flange standard.

6. The lift-type wafer check valves with nominal pressures PN10, PN16, PN25 and PN40 have two structural length series. The price of short series check valves is lower, but non-standard connection gaskets may be required between the check valve and the pipeline flange. If long series check valves are used, standard flange gaskets can be prepared.


Post time: Aug-26-2022